Fire Life Safety Components

The HVAC system's fire smoke safety components will be tested per NFPA 80 standards and codes. Examples of fire life safety components are: Fire smoke dampers, the smoke control system, fire smoke door/vent, and stairwell pressurization systems. Fire smoke damper inspections should be performed one year after construction and every 4 years after that. Testing in hospitals is required every 6 years. While fire smoke door/vent and stairwell pressurization testing are recommended annually or per your local fire marshal.

Why is this service needed or recommended?

To ensure proper working condition in the event of a fire. To keep occupants safe.

When or how often should this service be performed?

Fire smoke damper inspections every 4 years and hospitals every 6 years. In accordance with NFPA codes and standards. Stairwell pressurization and fire smoke door testing recommended annually or per your local fire marshall.

Our technicians are trained union sheetmetal workers who are fully capable of making repairs. When issues are found we will provide the most cost effective solution to the customer.

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