About Us

Precision Balancing Group is built on 18 years of experience in the HVAC and Testing and Balancing trades. Our team is made up of highly skilled union sheet metal tradesmen, specializing in the TAB field.

Our customers will feel comforted knowing that the technician working at their facility was trained through a state apprenticeship program. During this training our technicians are not only educated but also certified.

We hold certifications for testing and balancing, fire smoke damper testing, smoke control systems, fume hood performance, duct leakage testing, and indoor air quality surveying.

Our training and experience building HVAC systems has provided our technicians with high level troubleshooting skills. Although we are not a mechanical contractor, our team is more than capable of making minor repairs and fixes during the test and balance process.  

We pride ourselves on developing strong, honest working relationships. Working diligently to take care of our customers.

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